Dr. Rajan Sankaran Seminar

Dr. Rajan Sankaran

We invite you to the seminar “Alive homeopathy through live cases” that will be held at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bucharest, Romania, from 27th to 28th of October 2016. The seminar of live cases addresses to all homeopathy practitioners, regardless of their level of experience and knowledge.

Dr. Sankaran is strongly grounded in the foundations of traditional homeopathy and was a professor of the repertory for more than two decades (Symptom Approach). He pioneered the Sensation Method, which is a right-brained approach to cases and remedies (System Approach). He strongly believes that the homeopath should use all the available methods and tools to choose the appropriate approach according to the patient.

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WISH International Congress

This year, Romania will be the host of WISH International Congress. The event will take place at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bucharest, from 29th to 30th of October, 2016, and will bring together important names of the international homeopathy who will debate interesting cases using the Sensation Method, illustrating particularities from their own practice. The congress will be accredited by the Romanian College of Physicians.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Bucharest!

Rajan Sankaran
Rajan SankaranINDIA
Misha Norland
Misha NorlandGREAT BRITAIN (presenter)
Annette Sneevliet
Annette SneevlietHOLLAND
Sujit Chatterjee
Sujit ChatterjeeINDIA
Mike Keszler
Mike KeszlerGERMANY
Willi Neuhold
Willi NeuholdAUSTRIA
Bob Blair
Gentiana Ciubuc
Gentiana CiubucROMANIA