Birth place:  Venlo
1986: Graduated as a docter at University Nijmegen
1982: During medical studies, she starts homeopathic study
1987 – 1991: Full time homeopathic education with Alphons Geukens at Homeopatic Centre in Hechtel, Belgium
Since 1991: Established a homeopathic Practice in Bakkveen, the Netherlands
Since 1991: Teacher at the school for Homeopathy in the Netherlands Annette gained a lot of Experience in international teaching.
She has been teaching in quite a few Countries the Synergy of methods. Apart from Germany, where she teaches a lot, she has been teaching in Switzerland, UK, Scotland, USA, India, New Zealand, and Czech Republic.
“In my practice I use all the different strategies together to find the similimum for my patient. When the remedy really fits, materia medica, repertory, themes and sensation of the remedy, it will point out to the same remedy. In this way we are as sure as possible to prescribe. In the mineral kingdom, the periodic table, gives us an indication on which evolution level our patient functions. With the plant table of Yakir, we can do the same in the plant kingdom. Also in animal kingdom we can understand the various sub kingdoms in an evolutionary way. Combining all this knowledge, will give us a synergy of methods which makes practice much more easy and founded on solid ground.”
Also Annette devellopped various 5 days intensive private training courses at her clinic in The Netherlands.